As a young child in the New England area, Yosiell was surrounded with the stories of Salem witches, old colonial haunted houses, and authentic Victorian architecture. His work draws inspiration from these early influences, reflecting the darker elements of the human condition and the mysteries of the supernatural world.


Yosiell’s work incorporates a variety of textures, often using the palette of earth tones or dark colors. He works in varying mediums including sculpture, painting, ink and digital art. Yosiell creates Victorian era inspired illustrations along with resin figures called Sicklings. Many of the illustrations are influenced by the spiritualist movement of the times. Each has the subtle feel of the sepia toned photos of the 1800’s. 


His paintings and resin sculptures are collected around the world. Additionally, Yosiell makes his presence known in group shows around the country with events in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. Recent personal highlights include being a featured artist in the Pixar Times,, and Hallmark UK.


Yosiell Lorenzo currently lives and works in Oakland, CA where he also has a studio at Faultline Artspace.

Yosiel Lorenzo Studio Pic

Yosiell lorenzo

phonetically it's (joe-z-l)


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