01/10/15 TBA "4 Person Show" @ BASH Contemporary: San Francisco, CA



01/10/14 Woodland Orphans “Solo Show” @ Rotofugi Gallery: Chicago, IL

02/08/14 Curious Beasts "Group Show" @ Clutter gallery: Beacon, NY

05/02/14 Hellboy 20th Anniversary "Group Show" @ Hero Complex Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

05/03/14 Entanglement "Group Show" @ Bluxome Street Gallery: San Francisco, CA

05/25/14 Artists on Board "Group Show" @ ArtDeckCo Gallery: Portland, OR

06/07/14 Omne Trium Perfectum "3 Person Show" @ Faultline Gallery: Oakland, CA

08/08/14 10th Year Anniversary Show "Group Show" @ Rotofugi Gallery: Chicago, IL

12/13/14 12 x 12 "Group Show" @ Neilsen Gallery: Berkeley, CA


10/02/13 Into the Swamp “Solo Show” @ Paxton Gates: San Francisco, CA

10/11/13 Bewitching III “Group Show” @ Stranger Factory Gallery: Albuquerque, NM

03/10/13 Swanicorn “Group Show” @ Dragatomi Gallery: Sacramento, CA


01/05/12 Here Be Monsters “Group Show” @ Converge Gallery: Williamsport, PA

01/07/12 The Annual Invitational Group Show @ William Rupnik Gallery: Cleveland, OH

02/11/12 Super Button Mashers: A Gamers Tribute "Group Show" @ OND! Gallery: Chicago, IL

04/07/12 G40 Art Summit “Group Show” @ Art Whino: Richmond, VA

04/22/12 Connect the Dots “Group Show” @ Arlene Francis Center: Santa Rosa, CA

05/12/12 Relentless “4 Person Show” @ OND! Gallery: Chicago, IL

07/15/12 Myth “Group Show” @ Modern Eden Gallery: San Francisco, CA

08/10/12 Underground “Group Show” @ Converge Gallery (pop-up gallery): Brooklyn, NY

09/07/12 Remaining Relentless “3 Person Show” @ Converge Gallery: Williamsport, PA

11/09/12 Subterranean “Group Show” @ Stranger Factory Gallery: Albuquerque, NM


04/11 Seance “Solo Show” @ Art Whino Gallery: Washington, DC

04/11 Speaking in Puns “Group Show” @ Wix Lounge gallery: San Francisco, CA

05/11 G40: The Summit “Group Show” @ Art Whino Gallery: Washington, DC

07/11 Shades of Ray “Group Show” @ WWA Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

07/11 Bedtime Revelations “Solo Show” @ Screaming Sky Gallery: Portland, OR

09/11 Grand Opening “Group Show” @ Rendition Gallery: Fort Collins, CO

12/11 Group Show” @ Miami Art Basel: Miami, FL


12/10 Love Movement “Group Show” @ New People Gallery: San Francisco, CA

10/10 Totally Terror “Group Show” @ Madison Art Cinema Gallery: Madison, CT

10/10 Dias de los Muertos “Group Show” @ Lunar Boy Gallery: Astoria, OR

10/10 Monsters VS. Robots “Group Show” @ Oh No Doom Gallery: Chicago, IL

10/10 The Dino Show “Group Show” @ Double Punch Gallery: San Francisco, CA

09/10 Crazy 4 Cult “Group Show” @ Gallery 1988: San Francisco, CA

08/10 The Beer Show “Group Show” @ Lunar Boy Gallery: Astoria, OR

08/10 Shady Characters “Group Show” @ Alcove Gallery: Atlanta, GA

07/10 Screw Nostalgia – I want the future “Group Show” @ Pink Ghost Gallery: Hollywood, FL

07/10 Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show “Group Show” @ Toy Art Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

06/10 Disturbance in the Force“Group Show” @ Hope Gallery: New Haven, CT

05/10 Thought Processor NYC Series “Group Show” @ My Plastic Heart Gallery: New York, NY

04/10 Character Expo “Group Show” @ Lunohod-1 Gallery: Moscow, RU

03/10 A Healthy Dosage of Restlessness “Group Show” @ Oh No Doom Gallery: Chicago, IL

03/10 G40: The Summit “Group Show” @ Art Whino: Arlington, VA

01/10 Sweet Tooth “Solo Show” @ Akus Gallery: Willimantic, CT

01/10 Under the Influence: He-Man…” “Group Show” @ Gallery1988: Los Angeles, CA


12/09 The Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome“Solo Show” @ David Apuzzo Gallery:Hamden, CT

12/09 Old Skoolin’ for the Children“ Group Show” @ Miami Art Basel: Miami, FL

11/09 Old Skoolin’ for the Children “Group Show” @ Art Whino: Washington DC

07/09 Chaos Amongst Allies “Three Person Show” @ Pink Ghost Gallery: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

06/09 Products of our Environment “Group Show” @ Monkeyhouse Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

06/09 Figuratively “Group Show” @ Daniel Fountain Contemporary: Baltimore, DC

04/09 The MAD Generation @ The Gallery at East Atlanta: Atlanta, GA

04/09 MUTT "Group Show" @ APW Gallery: New York, NY

03/09 Cartoon Madness 4 @ The Alcove Gallery: Decatur, GA

03/09 The Attack of Illizilla mini tour@ NYC, LV,CA,HI

02/09 Cowboys & Samurais @ Ronin Gallery: Los Angeles, CA

02/09 Chicago Train Show @ A Okay Official Gallery: Chicago, IL


12/08 Bedtime Stories @ The Gallery: Atlanta, GA

12/08 Weapons of Mass Construction “Two Man Show”@ A.Okay Official Gallery: Chicago, IL

11/08 En Masse @ Small Space Gallery: New Haven, CT

10/08 Crooked Way Academy “Solo Show” @ No Regrets Gallery: Naugatuck, CT

10/08 Edit by Edict “CWOS” @ 258 Gallery: New Haven, CT

07/08 Identity Theft @The Mill Gallery: Guilford, CT

06/08 Festival of Arts & Idea @ Urban Outfitters: New Haven, CT

06/08 TGI Friday the 13th @ Anxiety Gallery: Madison, WI

06/08 Taper Matter @ La Recova: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

03/08 Multiple Personalities @ Lift Gallery: Detroit, MI

03/08 Cute Attack @ Bear & Bird Gallery: Lauderhill, FL

03/08 The Bomb Show @ Plastic Chapel Gallery: Denver, CO


12/07 Winter Munny Show @ Lift Gallery: Detroit, MI

10/07 Night at the movies @ Fly Over Gallery: Madison, WI

06/07 The demise of 415 @ The Nest: Bridgeport, CT

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